A Flotilla of Gondolas

A large batik painting of gondolas moored at the edge of a Venetian canal with the reflections of the boats and buildings in the water. I love doing batiks of reflections and when a friend of mine sent me this photograph which he'd taken, I decided to rise to the challenge.

The whole picture took me at least a month to complete as I wanted to capture the many subtle colours and details of the ripples, balconies, buildings and boats.

There is something magical about Venice which is why I enjoy producing different scenes of the city.

Original Batik Painting on cotton fabric - 84cms x 64cms

A Flotilla of Gondolas - £ 1500

Original Batik Painting - For Sale

A Flotilla of Gondolas - £ 95

Limited Edition Giclee Print - A3

A Flotilla of Gondolas - £ 2.5

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