Nice Ass!

This is a batik painting based on a black and white drawing of an old donkey called 'Old Pensioner' that used to belong to the family of a friend of mine when she was a young girl.

As I wasn't quite sure of what colour to paint him, I took some photographs of donkeys who lived at a farm near me and used them as a reference for this batik.

When I first displayed the batik in an exhibition in Canada, an artist friend exclaimed as he passed by,'Nice Ass!' which provided a lot of laughter. So with good cheer applied, the title changed from 'A Friendly Face' to 'Nice Ass'!

Original Batik Painting on cotton fabric - 38cms x 60cms

Nice Ass! - £ 425

Original Batik Painting - For Sale

Nice Ass! - £ 75

Limited Edition Giclee Print, A3

Nice Ass! - £ 25

Limited Edition Giclee Mini Print