Polo Game

This is a batik painting of a polo player hitting a ball in a polo game. My sister-in-law used to be the physiotherapist to Kerry Packer, the Australian billionaire, and the members of his polo team, Ellerston, when they were at Cowdray Park in the UK. I became interested in creating batiks of polo players when I was commissioned to do one of Kerry Packer himself.

Polo is a team sport where the players are on horseback. The aim is to hit a ball using a mallet into the opposing team's goal. In this batik painting, I tried to capture the movement of the horses, as the polo player was about to hit the ball.

Original Batik Painting on cotton fabric - 62cms x 50cms

Polo Game - £ 75

Limited Edition Giclee Print - A3

Polo Game - £ 0

Original batik Painting - Sold

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