Venetian Reflection 2

A batik painting of the reflections of old Venetian buildings and boats in the water of the canal. As you can see I love portraying Venetian subjects in my batiks, especially those that lead your eye into the picture.

This is one of my most successful batik images. It seems to convey happy memories for people who have spent romantic holidays in Venice.

I sold my first Venetian Reflection in 2005. In November, 2016, I had a solo exhibition of my batik paintings at the Horsham Museum and Art Gallery in Horham, West Sussex, UK. The curator chose my Venetian Reflection image for the poster. So for the exhibition I decided to do another batik painting of it. As you can see, it is slightly different in both colour and detail. Each batik is a one off. I worked from the original drawing, but as I waxed and applied the dyes, the colours and buildings took on their own characteristics. This time I was interested to see how long it would take for me to produce the batik so I timed myself. It took me three and a half weeks (solid) to finish the batik. I finished it just in time to get it framed for the exhibition! It is framed without glass. I am really proud of this batik.

Original Batik Painting on cotton fabric - 64cms x 44cms

Venetian Reflection 2 - £ 0

Original Batik Painting - Sold

Venetian Reflection - £ 95

Limited Edition Giclee A2 Print

Venetian Reflection - £ 25

Limited Edition Giclee Mini Print