Cards for sale

  • 124 Horse and Spray

    Horse and Spray

     A batik painting of a riderless horse splashing through the waves.


  • 82 Reeded Loch 2

    Reeded Loch 2

    Loch Arthur, a reeded loch, near Beeswing, Kirkcudbrightshire in SW Scotland.


  • 58 A Flotilla of Gondolas

    A Flotilla of Gondolas

    A flotilla of gondolas moored in Venice with reflections of the boats and buildings in the water of the canal.


  • 39 Day Out 2

    Day Out 2

    Batik/wax-resist and dye painting of two men relaxing in deck chairs on the pebbled beach by the sea near Brighton, Sussex, UK.


  • 149 'Sunset Spectacular'

    'Sunset Spectacular'


  • 145 Venetian Canal

    Venetian Canal

     A greetings card of an original batik/wax-resist painting on cotton of 'Venetian Canal'.


  • 143 Walking Home

    Walking Home

     Batik painting of three white geese heading home.


  • 136 Barn Owls

    Barn Owls

     A greetings card taken from the original batik - Barn Owls - created by Rosi Robinson.


  • 125 Mediterranean Boats

    Mediterranean Boats

    Greetings card taken from an original batik/wax-resist painting of colourful wooden boats moored in the Mediterranean.


  • 123 Man in Greenhouse

    Man in Greenhouse

     Batik painting on cotton fabric of Don, the Gardener, watering plants with a watering can in my old greenhouse.