The Hayseed IV

A batik painting of the Classic P boat, the Hayseed IV, built in 1912, sailing during Chester Race Week, Nova Scotia, Canada. She was designed by William Gardner who was a great rival of Herreshoff, who was the designer of the schooner, Atlantic.

In 1924, the Hayseed IV was bought by the Wurts family and after a number of owners over the century and a few facelifts, including modern rigging, synthetic sails and go-fast gadgets, she is back with the Wurts family. She now reigns as the oldest active member of the Chester Yacht club; has won many cups and can be seen regularly competing in the Chester Classic fleet races in Mahone Bay.

Limited edition giclee prints -  A3 with mount - for sale

Original batik painting is sold.  

The Hayseed IV

Limited Edition Giclee A3 Print with mount.   Price:  $185.00   Postage:  $0.00
'The Hayseed IV'

Price: $185.00

Postage: $0.00

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